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You are asking why we chose this hashtag? Because 3 out of 4 new or emerging infectious diseases in humans come from animals, meaning they are zoonotic diseases. For years, scientists all over the world have warned us that the way in which we treat animals is a serious risk factor in the outbreak of zoonotic diseases. Not only Covid-19 but also SARS, MERS, Ebola, BSE and HIV are a result of a dysfunctional relationship between humans, animals and nature.
Millions of people have died as a result of #COVID19. This is THE wake-up call to change the system and create a world where animals, the environment and humans are treated better. Together we can prevent future pandemics! Sign our petition now to make animal welfare a global priority: https://help.four-paws.org/en/together-we-can-prevent-outbreak-future-pandemics

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