Piper's Pony Tales | Episode 3 | Sleeping Outside is a Hoot


Sleeping Outside is a Hoot 💕🐴✨ On a campout near the stables, the kids are looking forward to a comfy night in their tent, but when the horses are spooked by an owl, it’s more important to sleep under the stars with them. And more fun, too!

Piper’s Pony Tales 💕🐴✨ When Piper makes up stories about her toy ponies, they magically come to life through the power of her imagination, transporting her and her friends into amazing adventures!

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Bright, energetic and imaginative Piper loves to daydream about having a pony of her very own, one that could spirit her away into fantastic adventures. For now, the closest thing she’s got is her toy horse, Spark, and her riding-themed playsets. Piper has turned her bedroom into a sprawling setting for making up “Pony Tales”. Together with her best friends, Paloma and Casey, the three use their well-loved toy ponies to act them out.

And every time Piper begins to weave one of her Pony Tales, through the power of her imagination, Piper transports herself, Paloma and Casey into the story she’s telling. Only now, it’s got real responsibilities, real stakes and real obstacles to success. In their story world, Piper, Paloma and Casey become dolls that live out their fantasies in an animated playset world that comes to life and knows no boundaries.

In every Pony Tale she’s transported into, Piper will learn that dreaming about adventures, and living out her fantasies, are two different things. Piper will have to demonstrate real grit to gain the love, trust and confidence of her newly come-to-life model pony, and overcome the challenges she encounters along the way. But Piper, Paloma and Casey will find success— not only in the form of medals, prizes, or competitions, but in earning new experiences, freedoms, and most of all, a special, unbreakable bond with their ponies!

Piper’s Pony Tales is a pre-cool show about a girl who has big dreams. It speaks to a stage in a child’s life where the power of imagination makes everything possible. Each episode is sparked by the emergence of Piper’s fantasy which catapults her into adventures that are the aspirational stuff of dreams come true. It is there where she experiences first freedoms and first failures that come with exploring what it means to have increased independence and responsibility. Through imaginative play, she is transported to places filled with people from all over the world and where cultural diversity is valued, supported and respected.

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