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Three Blue Pigeons
Pigeons Flying High
Pigeons Cooing Sweet
The Pigeons on the Wall
Pigeons, a Sight to See
This is a song about three blue pigeons who are sitting on a wall. One of the pigeons flies away, and the other two are left feeling sad. But then, two more pigeons come flying by, and the three of them are happy again. The song is about the importance of friendship and how it can help us to overcome sadness.

The song is in a simple, sing-song style that is easy for children to learn. The lyrics are about the actions of the pigeons, and they are repeated throughout the song. The melody is catchy and memorable, and the song has a positive message about friendship.

The song would be appropriate for children of all ages. It could be used in a classroom setting to teach children about pigeons or friendship. It could also be used as a lullaby or a bedtime song.

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kids videos for kids



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