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Milo the cartoon for kids, Milo is a cute bunny rabbit. As a 6 year-old child, he has all the positive and negative aspects of his age. He reacts with the surrrounding environment in a positive way, thanks also to his parents who help him to get to know the things and people who attract his natural curiosity. He is a curious rabbit, and is slowly but surely learning about himself and the world around him, a constant source of novelties, surprises, informations and encounters through not necessarily of truth.

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# 12 – Milo at the Zoo
Before touring the zoo, the teacher gives a few instructions to the students, but Judith and Milo aren’t listening. A few moments later, as Milo is about to toss some popcorn into the elephant pit, Vincent steps in and reminds Milo that this is forbidden. Milo thinks Vincent is only teasing him and extends his popcorn-filled hand toward the elephant. The teacher and a security guard see this just in time and stop Milo before he gives the elephant the popcorn. While Milo’s intentions were good, certain foods must not be eaten by some animals because it will make them sick.

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