Malavika Mohanan’s ‘Low maintenance’ Fitness Exercise: Check Out The Benefits Here


Malavika Mohanan is always up for taking on new challenges and sweating it out in the gym (Image: Instagram)

Lately, Malavika Mohanan has been mastering the ancient martial art technique Silambam as well

Malavika Mohanan swears by an extremely disciplined fitness regime. The actress is always up for taking on new challenges and sweating it out in the gym. Ahead of the second schedule of her film Thangalaan, Malavika has been spending extra hours amping up fitness levels to the peak. Lately, she has been mastering the ancient martial art technique Silambam as well. Her daily routine is a combination of a host of techniques and exercises. Along with weight lifting, Malavika is often seen performing core strengthening exercises such as planks. And, looks like it’s her favourite.

Calling herself a plank baby for life, Malavika Mohanan mentioned that planks are the most low-maintenance exercise one can include in their fitness regime. Sharing a picture of herself acing the perfect posture, she explained that if you manage to include this in your routines, anywhere, anytime for a couple of minutes then, “you’ve worked pretty much all your main muscles.” Malavika also added that all you need is a yoga mat or a towel to perform this exercise.

Further, nutritionist Deepa Nandy gave us insights on the benefits of planks. According to her, a one-minute plank is one of the best exercises for your core. It also helps in:

  • Improving your posture
  • Get rid of back pain
  • Better coordination and works on your flexibility
  • Improving your Metabolism
  • Better your mood

    Fitness coach Susan Niebergall recommended making the traditional plank a little more challenging for better results. She shared a bunch of ways to increase the complexity level of the exercise. Susan mentioned that you can add an aim to reach with their hands while maintaining the posture. Second, she suggested changing the height from the usual plank level. Apart from this, the fitness coach advised doing side planks or lifting one leg while doing the exercise.

    Regular practice of planks leads to improved core definition and performance, decreased risk of back injury, improved metabolism and flexibility as well as mood. Not to forget you learn to balance the body.

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