Madonna’s controversial plans for upcoming ‘Celebration’ tour laid bare


Madonna is set to make headlines with her highly anticipated Celebration tour during which she plans to get arrested to fulfill her aim to create controversy.

The Material Girl hitmaker wants to get locked up in hopes of creating the “highlight of her career” after her biopic starring Julia Garner was cancelled earlier this

As reported by Radar Online, the Queen of Pop is planning to get arrested on-stage while performing with “drag queens in Tennessee.”

“Madonna still knows how to press people’s buttons and enjoys it!” the insider said. “She knows her success has as much to do with her ability to shock as with her talent.”

“And that’s why she’s preparing to be arrested while performing with drag queens in Tennessee, where they have laws about it,” the insider added. “To be slapped in cuffs onstage would be the highlight of her career.”

Madonna was nearly arrested during her Blonde Ambition tour back in 1990s for simulating an inappropriate act while singing Like A Virgin.

During her performance in May 1990, law enforcement warned the singer ahead of her concert at Toronto’s SkyDome to not repeat the inappropriate actor or she would get arrested.

“I’m not changing my (expletive) show,” she responded to the agency at the time.

The Pope also told his followers to not attend any of her show amid heated controversy as he labeled the concert “one of the most satanic shows in the history of humanity.”

Speaking about the issues which arose during the tour, Madonna revealed last year that police had threatened to “arrest me three times” during the set of shows.

“Police threatened to arrest me three times as I traveled around the world performing ‘Like a Virgin’ during the Blonde Ambition tour,” she wrote on Instagram.

“The Vatican canceled all my shows in Rome! See how I paved the road for you (expletive)?” she added.

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