Daily Wage Labourer In West Bengal Puzzled After Account Credited With Rs 100 Crore


On May 30, Nasirullah has even been summoned by the Deganga cyber cell for enquiry.

Nasirullah said that he lost his sleep ever since he received a call from the police as he was unaware of what crime he had committed

A daily wage labourer from West Bengal temporarily became a millionaire when his bank account was credited with Rs 100 crore overnight. Mohammed Nasirullah Mandal of Deganga village of Murshidabad district of West Bengal woke up to a reality that he could never even imagine. From having just Rs 17 in his Punjab National Bank account, his account now had Rs 100 crore. He had no idea of the huge sum of money credited to his account till the cyber cell department sent him a notice. He also received a call from the police regarding the same.

Nasirullah said that he lost his sleep after he received a call from the police as he was unaware of what crime he had committed. He checked his account balance on Google Pay and found that the cops and the cyber cell were right. His account had an additional Rs 100 crore in it, with him having no idea where it came from. On May 30, Nasirullah has even been summoned by the Deganga cyber cell for enquiry about the Rs 100 crore.

26-year-old Nasirullah is the sole breadwinner in the family consisting of his parents, wife, two children and himself. Mandal has told local media that he has no idea where the money has come from and he is scared of being arrested and being beaten up by the police and that his family members are crying. He said he does not want the money and whoever sent it can take it back.

Mandal also visited the local PNB branch with his passbook only to discover that the bank had suspended his savings account. However, bank authorities told him that he had just Rs 17 in his account at the time of suspension. However, while checking the balance through UPI apps, the account showed a balance of Rs 100 crore. At present, Mandal is nervous about what inquiry he has to face on May 30.

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