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When Jewel tries to avoid getting pranked by Peanut, she hires Spot to be a spy for a day to know what Peanut’s next move will be. But Spot has some rather interesting spy methods…

Crumbs acts as Dastardly Delilah for Bea’s reenactment of her favorite book!

Crumbs Sugar Cookie was made from a piece of baking apron. She is super-sweet, has perfect manners and loves inviting friends over for tea and treats.

Sewn On Date: December 4th (National Cookie Day)

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#Lalaloopsy were once rag LalaloopsySeries that magically came to life when their very last stitch was sewn. Each character has its own charming personality inspired by the fabric used to make it. #Lalaloopsy live in a whimsical world full of silly surprises. With love and a little bit of imagination, you’ll see why #Lalaloopsy are sew magical… sew cute!

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Crumbs Makes Delicious Snacks | Lalaloopsy Clip | Cartoons for Kids



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