Charithra Chandran weighs in on ‘overnight popularity’ after Bridgerton series


Charithra Chandran weighs in on ‘overnight popularity’ after Bridgerton series

Charithra Chandran has recently weighed in on her overnight fame that came with her hit series, Bridgerton.

In a new interview with Cosmopolitan UK for June/July cover, Chandran, who starred as Edwina Sharma in the second series of the Netflix period drama, revealed that her Bridgerton co-stars urged her to hire a therapist to help her cope with “the crazy attention”.

“I think when anyone is first exposed to this [fame] on the level that I was, they read the comments, they google themselves,” said the 26-year-old.

The actress confessed, “And when you read the really aggressive ones – I know this sounds dramatic – but you feel really vulnerable.”

Chandran also mentioned that she’s afraid at the thought of “a deranged fan, hunting her down for a few months” prior to her adjustment to her new life in the limelight.

The actress pointed out that one thing that keeps her “sane” is not making any close friend from her own age in the industry.

Chandran remarked, “My life just feels so… normal? I think it comes from not having close friends my age in the industry, that is the number one thing that has left me feeling sane.”

The actress disclosed that she has befriended her co-stars Golda Rosheuvel and Shelley Conn, who starred as her mother on the show.

Looking ahead, Chandran asserted she wants to take on roles that sparked important conversations and not only portray characters that speak about Indian heritage

“I love representing my culture and I love playing characters that are culturally specific to me, but on the other hand I also love playing a normal person where the story isn’t only about her being Indian,” she proclaimed.

Chandran added, “I want to do things about race that spark important conversations, and things about love and friendship: I don’t want to be a one trick pony.”

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