Barack Obama admits to being ‘supportive of the writers’ strike in new docuseries


Barack Obama admits to being ‘supportive of the writers’ strike in new docuseries

Barack Obama has recently confessed he’s “supportive of the Writers Guild of America (WGA) strike in his new Netflix docuseries, Working: What We Do All Day.

“I know there are many studios and streamers who feel a little bit embattled and there’s been a little bit too much of a glut of product and they’re looking at their bottom line and they’re experiencing shareholder pressure, etc,” said former President of the USA.

However, Obama stated, “They wouldn’t be around if it weren’t for writers creating the stories that matter.”

“My hope is that as somebody who’s really supportive of the Writer’s Guild and as someone who just believes in storytelling and the craft of it, I’m hoping that they will be compensated and the importance of what they do will be reflected in whatever settlement’s arrived at,” he asserted.

Obama also admitted that he’s “supportive of the writers and the strike”.

“I’m hopeful that they get a fair share of the fruits of their labour,” he remarked.

Reflecting on his docuseries, Obama pointed out that this show “will explore how certain things are constant about the work experience”.

“One of the things that’s also been constant is the struggle for employees to make sure their employers are treating them fairly and they’re getting a fair share of the pie,” he added. 

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2023-05-26 15:47:17


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