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Five Little Cubs
Cubs Nursery Rhyme
Cubs Playing and Having Fun
Cubs Getting Hurt and Getting Better
Cubs Dreaming of Fun
पांच छोटे बच्चे
बच्चों की नर्सरी राइम
बच्चे खेलते हुए और मज़े करते हुए
बच्चे चोट खाते हैं और ठीक होते हैं
बच्चे मज़े की सपने देखते हैं
The Cub Club
Cubs in the Wild
Cubs: The Next Generation
Cubs: A Song of Life
Cubs: The Power of Play
Cinco Cachorritos
Rima de la Guardería de Cachorros
Cachorros Jugando y Divirtiéndose
Cachorros Lastimándose y Mejorando
Cachorros Soñando con Diversión

Five Little Cubs

This nursery rhyme is all about the adventures of five little cubs. They play and have fun, but they also get hurt sometimes. But no matter what happens, they always have each other to help them through.

The video features adorable cubs playing and having fun in the forest. The images are bright and colorful, and the music is upbeat and cheerful. This is the perfect video to watch if you’re feeling down or stressed. It’s sure to put a smile on your face and make you feel happy.

Five little cubs, playing in the den,
One fell down and bumped his head.
Mama bear came running,
Quickly licking his wound,
Now he’s all better, and ready to play.

Four little cubs, running through the trees,
One stopped to climb a big old beech.
He slipped and fell,
And scraped his knee,
Now he’s all better, and ready to race.

Three little cubs, swimming in the lake,
One got too cold and started to shake.
Papa bear came swimming,
And helped him to shore,
Now he’s all better, and ready to explore.

Two little cubs, playing in the sun,
One got too hot and started to run.
He ran and ran,
Until he couldn’t run anymore,
Now he’s all better, and ready to nap.

One little cub, sleeping in his bed,
Dreaming of all the fun he’s had.
He’ll wake up soon,
And start to play again,
Because he’s a cub, and that’s what cubs do.



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