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Adam helps a chick hatch out of its shell in this fun and educational rhyme. Perfect for kids of all ages!

Adam, Adam, have you seen?
A little egg, so white and clean.
It’s sitting in the nest,
Just waiting to be hatched.

The mother hen is sitting on,
Keeping it warm, all day long.
Soon, there will be a chick,
Cracking out of its shell, so small and pink.

Adam, Adam, would you like,
To help the chick break free from its shell?
We can tap on it with a spoon,
And help it to come out, nice and soon.

There, there, it’s coming!
The chick is starting to hatch!
Just a little more,
And it will be free!

There! It’s hatched!
A little chick, so small and cute.
It’s covered in down,
And it’s peeping at us, so sweet.

Welcome to the world, little chick!
We’re so glad you’re here.
We’ll take good care of you,
And we’ll love you very much.

Adam, Adam, what a day!
We helped a chick hatch out of its shell.
It was so much fun,
And we made a new friend.

I’m so glad we had this day,
With you, Adam.
You’re the bestest friend a boy could ask for.



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