5 Entertainment Creators That Will Surely Tickle Your Funny Bones


These content creators are a fun to watch

Here are content creators on Instagram who are tickling the internet’s funny bones

Aren’t we all guilty of scrolling Instagram throughout the day like we are being paid for it? But are we to be blamed when our favorite creators are posting hilarious relatable reels one after the other. Content like this is not only entertaining but can also be used to convey a deeper message to the audience through a light-hearted skit. Here are content creators on Instagram who are tickling the internet’s funny bones:

Dharna Durga

Dharna’s content is light-hearted, and funny but also highly relatable. The way she can disguise herself in the role she is playing is truly admirable. She is most famous for her mimicry content where she mimics stereotypical characters, and other quirky characters. Her talent has been appreciated by many big names in the industry including Deepika Padukone. The manner in which Dharna simply becomes the character she is playing is immaculate.

Jagriti Pahwa

Jagriti Pahwa is Master’s in BioTechnology, grew up wanting to be a teacher. But the desire to amuse others or do something creative was always part of her. And at some point, she saw herself grow as a content creator and her hobby soon became her full-time profession.  Making content that makes everybody laugh, Jagriti Pahwa is a video creator whose content mostly revolves around family drama and hostel life and making her popular amongst young audience.

Raghav Sharma

Raghav is a creator with an affinity towards funny, relatable videos. His        comic approach leaves his viewers in splits, he is often found mimicking and impersonating actors like Akshay Khanna, Farhan Akhtar to name a few. His impressions of CBSE and ICSE students and fashion influencers are a hit too. His attention to the latest trends and relevance of content set him apart from the rest.

Arun Singh

Arun Singh, journalist and digital content creator who juggles between bringing serious news to people and being goofy on his Instagram as The Jhumroo. His reactions as a punjabi dad to his impressions of a punjabi grandfather have gotten him all the eyeballs and the audience can’t get enough of his quirky content.

Ankita Sehgal

Ankita Sehgal is a copywriter turned digital creator. Her sense of humour and observation skills are impeccable. Her newlywed reel series has caused waves on the internet. They are drenched in love, and many of them are still going viral. Besides that, there are numerous other reels from her social media that have won the hearts of many.

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