17💥Alligator vs Crocodile | + Leopard Seal vs Steller Sea Lion winner


They are aggressive, ferocious and have an incredibly powerful bite. Welcome to the 17th episode of animal battle which is going to be an interesting one. The American Alligator Versus the Nile Crocodile!
Let’s do it!

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-An Alligator’s Gourmet Lunch ¦ America’s National Parks
-Astounding Facts about Crocodile Eyes
-Croc Attack! ¦ World’s Deadliest
-Deadly Crocodiles of the Nile River – Nature Documentary
-Hippos Attack Crocodiles to Defend Dead Companion ¦ BBC Earth
-Killer Croc Carries Babies in Jaws ¦ World’s Deadliest-Massive alligator casually walks across golf course
-Nature’s Ultimate Ambush
-Pythons 101 ¦ National Geographic
-Spectacular Alligator Mating Display ¦ Animal Super Senses ¦ BBC Earth
-The Alligators taking over America’s golf courses – BBC
-The Nile Crocodile Grows To Be How Big؟ ¦ Nat Geo Wild
-The Nile Crocodile vs Buffalo ¦ Wild Africa ¦ BBC Earth
-T-REX SIZED GATOR Caught in Florida!

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