10 Unknown Species Newly Discovered


10 Unknown Species Newly Discovered

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10 Unknown Species Newly Discovered

With so many changes in the world, it only makes sense that a lot of us begin to worry about the preservation of species, hoping we don’t lose any of them just like we did in the past. Pollution, animal abuse and other issues threaten the lives of many species around the world. But there’s hope – I am sure one day things will change and the preservation of species will be something we don’t have to worry about as we all become more conscious of our actions. In the meantime, there are other things happening that also bring us hope, like the discovery of new species. Every year, researchers from all around the world present their findings and surprisingly, there are always a lot of new species being discovered. Today we’ll be looking at “10 Unknwon Species Newly Discovered.” We’ll be looking at ten animals and plants that you probably hadn’t seen or even heard about. I can assure you that all of these species will make you want to know more about all the undiscovered things around the world. Especially the one at the top of the list – it’s something I never thought could exist, but it actually does.

The Fish Called Wakanda

Wakanda might not be a real place, but still, it served as the inspiration for the name of this purple fish that lives in the Indian Ocean, very close to Tanzania. Researchers found the creature at 260 feet underwater, in very secretive coral reefs that they call “The Twilight Zone.” The fish are part of what’s called “the fairy wrasses.” And even though it was just discovered in 2019, ocean experts had been looking for it for a very long time. They had seen fairy wrasses before, but they knew there had to be another kind – and sure enough, they found it in a very hidden part of the ocean. They decided to call it Wakanda due to its secretive and isolated nature – just like the fictional African nation in the marvel films. The fish is purple and is so deeply pigmented that it keeps its color even when it’s preserved for research. Usually, at this stage, most fish lose their natural color, but that’s not the case with the Wakanda Fish.

Geckos in Myanmar

Lee Grismer, an expert in amphibians and reptiles has spent his career studying and discovering new species. For that reason, he was invited to Myanmar by a mining company that wanted him to assess the place before they blew it up. They wanted to know if their work would have any impact on the environment. To their surprise, they found a new species of gecko, which led Lee and a team of experts to go back to the same spot and find more species that we hadn’t heard about before. Today, they’ve discovered more than 20 different types of gecko that are unique to this part of the world. This story shows us the importance of exploring remote places that not many people dare to go to. If it wasn’t for Lee and his team, we wouldn’t know about these animals. And also, if it wasn’t for people like them, big companies could easily just take over nature without knowing about the harm they cause on this unknown species.
Shocking Sea Slugs
(https://www.worldatlas.com/articles/top-10-new-species-discovered-in-2019.html Number 7)

Sea slugs are not a novelty. We’ve known about them for a while and we’ve come to realize that they are masters of disguise. They are good at mimicking the colors of other species to protect themselves. However, back in 2019, a zoologist named Terry Gosliner found a sea slug that not only is able to mimic colors, but it can also copy the shape of another species! How creepy is that? Terry and his team noticed that the sea slug can adopt the shape of snail eggs that usually surround its habitat. This is indeed new and quite shocking, but it’s not the only new type of sea slug that was found. There were five other types of sea slugs that were recently discovered. They are small, but they have quirky ways to disguise which is very different to the traditional sea slugs we knew about.

The Moving Flower
(Google “Trembleya altoparaisensis” for pictures)

It’s hard to look at plants the same way we look at animals. After all, plants can’t communicate in the same way that animals do, but that shouldn’t be a reason to underestimate them, Over the years, we’ve learned that they actually communicate with each other and they respond to their surroundings in very interesting ways. And recently, the discovery of a flower showed us that plants also…move. That’s right. It’s name is Trembleya Altoparaisensis.



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